Boiler Service & Breakdowns/Repair

Boiler Service, Breakdown & Repair

Connell Heating & Plumbing offer a wide range of boiler services to keep your boiler operating at its best.  By having an annual Boiler service your your boiler is less likely to develop faults and its operation will be more efficient.

Our qualified heating engineers are able to carry out a boiler service or breakdown/repairs to any make of boiler. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and qualified to work on your boiler.

Please see below for details on some of the common gas boiler services that we perform.  If you would like to book a boiler service, or if you have a boiler breakdown then please contact us via our online form.

Alternatively you can call us on  07771 588964

boiler service on a combi boiler

Reduce Energy Bills


Prevent Carbon Monoxide


Increased Boiler Efficiency


Prevent Faults

Boiler servicing starts from just £55 (plus VAT)

Having your boiler service carried out annually to manufacturers recommendations can extend your boilers life as well as these benefits.

What Happens On A Boiler Service

A question we are often asked is “what is done on a boiler service?” Boiler manufacturers all have different ideas as to exactly what tasks should be carried out during a service.  Therefore depending on the make of your boiler the exact tasks will vary. Common tasks include..


  • Check the condition of the boiler
  • Ensure there are no leaks
  • Check the gas pressure
  • Inspect and check valves and pump
  • Confirm the appliance is working correctly
  • Check the boiler it is not producing carbon monoxide
  • Make sure that there is adequate ventilation
  • Ensure the flue is clear and safe

Request A Boiler Service

Boiler Service Or Boiler Repair?

What is the difference between having your boiler serviced or having your boiler repaired?

In short a boiler service is designed to identify any faults before they happen and to ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible.  Although any minor issues that are found can often be addressed and rectified during a boiler service, a service is not designed to fix a boiler that has stopped working.

If you find your boiler has a fault then one of our heating engineers can attend and diagnose the fault with your boiler.  Once the fault has be identified we can then fix the boiler, using new parts if required.

Boiler breakdowns are never convenient . This is why it is important to have your boiler regularly serviced by a qualified heating engineer.  All our heating engineers are fully Gas Safe registered, insured and trained to carry out the work they undertake .